Luis Huckstadt

Dr. Luis Huckstadt is a Post-Doctoral researcher at the University of California Santa Cruz with over 8 years of experience working in Antarctica, both in the Peninsula as well as in the Ross Sea. Dr. Huckstadt’s research focuses on understanding the role that marine mammals and other large marine predators play in the ecosystems they form part of, with particular emphasis in high latitude systems that are subject to dramatic changes as a consequence of global climate change. Dr. Huckstadt combines animal movement and habitat utilization data with biogeochemical techniques to study trophic ecology of marine mammals, in order to ultimately study the impacts that human-driven climatic change is having on these species (both negative and positive), how these species are responding and what buffering capacity (if any) they might have to face these changes. Dr. Huckstadt has worked in Antarctic seals since 2007, including capture and anesthesia of crabeater seals, elephant seals and Weddell seals.”